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Happy Birthday, Troika!

Ruben Vardanyan Troika Dialog Manager
Today, on January 18th, I would like to congratulate everyone on the 30th anniversary of Troika Dialog. While the company has been gone for nine years, and during this time our lives have changed considerably, most of us still think of ourselves carriers of the Troika DNA and associate ourselves with its past, its continuation in the present, and, I hope, with its future. So I decided to record three video messages on this subject from Stepanakert, Dilijan and Moscow, which you will see over the next three days.

After many years, it has become even more evident that Troika Dialog is not just an investment bank. It is a Phenomenon (that’s right, with a capital letter) that has left its mark on the life of our country and those countries where Troika worked – Ukraine, Kazakhstan and elsewhere. Now it’s much easier to evaluate the “Troika effect”. And it’s not about feeling nostalgia for the past.

When I talk to different people today, I see how much of an impact Troika had because of our unique culture and attitude towards our clients and employees.

Everything we did was special: we brought innovative products to the market and introduced new concepts, conducted nationally and internationally significant transactions and created the infrastructure of our industry, institutions and regulatory mechanisms, set high professional standards and standards of corporate governance, and not only for ourselves – others adopted them as well. We didn’t just make money; we spared no time or effort to improve the socio-economic environment. We enlightened and educated – we published the best literature on the stock market and beyond, spoke at different forums and in the mass media. We held events and conferences unlike any other in Russia, brought world-renowned experts here and represented our country abroad in a way that made it proud. We created a partnership system that is unique for Russia and the time in which we live, as well as a wonderful internship program, which today, thanks to Troika’s partners, continues in the form of the “Surpass Dreams” project. Even our international team and the way we communicated with each other, relaxed together, and did good deeds was also special. It wasn’t just the Troikers who were waiting for our new issue of The Troiker magazine to come out.

Over time, you realize that for some companies the mission and slogan are just pretty words, and then there are others for which they express the very essence of what they do. Troika was truly creating a future to surpass dreams. We strengthened and expanded the circle of trust in which respectful professionals generated income for themselves, their clients and their country – “Trust. Dignity. Profit.”

I have often talked about the history of Troika in my interviews, an entire book has been written about it (V. Martov, D. Lisitsin. The Dream of Troika), but history is such a peculiar thing that everyone remembers and recalls it in their own way. Each of you has your own victories and memorable moments in connection with Troika, and I wanted to ask you to share them. Tell me about a project or deal, an event or activity, a funny incident that is meaningful to you on your social media accounts. Add #troikachangetheworld #ichangetheworld so we can easily find you. The best stories will be awarded when we gather at the Romanov Dvor, dear to all of us, on April 28, a memorable day for Troikers.

We live in troubling times of great change, and although circumstances are pushing us into isolation, I believe that our paths will not diverge and we can still do much together.

We will be in touch,