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  • Instruct those capable of development and developing the country and world

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

This is a long-term educational project with lasting impact, which is aimed at creating a new intellectual and business elite in Russia. Involvement in the project of completely different people and companies, including beyond Russia, allows for solving another fundamental task – expanding the circle of trust in society. All who united around the SKOLKOVO project believed it was important and possible to create a business school capable of standing with the world leaders of business education and developing its own method of training the leaders of change, able to work in circumstances of transformation. While considerable work lies ahead, SKOLKOVO is now the benchmark of quality for similar initiatives and us. Successful implementation of the project, which bordered on impossible, has allowed for quelling general skepticism.

Founded in 2006, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is Russia’s largest private business school and a joint project of Russian and international business representatives combining their efforts to create a school of the new generation. The business school’s founders are 18 major Russian and foreign companies and individuals.


  • Become the foundation of business education in Russia and a solid alternative to Western business schools
  • Give to the country managers of the new generation capable of heading and leading Russian companies in the modern economic circumstances
  • Become an expert platform for solving the tasks of big business and a center of expertise for those placing their bets on Russia and other emerging markets.

Project milestones

  • The school began operating in pilot mode in the fall of 2007.
  • Initial selection for the Executive MBA program occurred in the fall of 2008.
  • Constructed by September 2009 was the entire building complex of the school campus.
  • In June 2010 the first alumni of SKOLKOVO school received their diplomas.
  • As of today the school already generates an operating profit, with revenue totaling $60-70 mln.
  • The project’s success horizon – 20-25 years.

Total capital expenditures for the project – $250 mln (funds of the project’s donors).

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Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Partners.

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