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  • We provide a comprehensive service solution for the professionalization and sustainable development of non-profit organizations


PHILIN (Philanthropy Infrastructure) is a project aimed at professionalizing the charity industry in Russia. We offer clients – non-profit organizations with charitable purposes – a full package of services including turn-key accounting, legal, human resources, financial and IT services, so that they can focus on what’s most important to them, their work with donors, partners and beneficiaries. PHILIN is unique in providing a full range of service to the non-profit sector in Russia.

Charity is more than just about emotions. In order for charities to be professional, systematic and results-orientated, strong systems have to be created. The donor community will inevitably bolster the requirements for transparency and effectiveness in non-profit organizations. The organizational sustainability of NPOs is becoming a key factor for their long term success. We understand this, and endeavor to help NPOs become more professional and sustainable, all the while maintaining their unique qualities.

Benefits for PHILIN clients:

  • Increase executives’ focus on strategic issues.
  • Release resources to work on programs and fundraising.
  • Put all support functions under one roof.
  • Provide transparent reporting to regulatory authorities, donors and grantmakers.
  • Optimize operational processes, thereby lowering costs.
  • Improve the attractiveness of the charitable organization to professional donors.
  • Supply regular management reporting to make informed and timely decisions.
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