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Sberbank CIB

The year 2013 marks the end of an important stage of Sberbank’s strategy, wherein Sberbank CIB was formed. I was responsible for the integration of the corporate and investment banking business of Sberbank and Troika Dialog, ensuring that everything operated as part of a single system. Now that this task has been solved, I am leaving the operational and strategic management of CIB, and will continue collaborating with Sberbank in the role of Advisor to the Chairman of the Board and CEO. Troika Dialog’s history is being furthered on another level, now as part of Sberbank Group. The team is tasked with building one of the world’s best corporate-investment businesses and becoming the undisputed leader in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, including Russia/CIS and Turkey.
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Interviews and other materials

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Ruben Vardanyan
“The U.S. also has roaches, only fewer than we have” – Ruben Vardanyan, investor, advisor to the CEO of Sberbank of Russia
Vedomosti (Internet version), 29.04.2014
Redistribution of property in Russia is an inevitable process, since major companies cannot remain ineffective forever, cautions Ruben Vardanyan. Working on Ruben Vardanyan’s latest interview proved in many ways unusual. For example, we met twice. And whereas during the first meeting the suggestion to “discuss the international situation” was seen as a rather funny joke, subsequently the political situation began to change so quickly that we could hardly manage without this discussion. Vardanyan told Vedomosti how he chooses investment projects, how international investors see the situation in Russia and which fundamental changes the country has long needed. “I think that Russian business in the near future awaits quite a lot of bankruptcies and restructurings, since you cannot eternally inject money into companies bordering on demise and support the owners”, Vardanyan said. Sooner or later we must switch from the model of rescuing owners to the model of rescuing business. This fundamental change must finally happen”. Redistribution of property in Russia is an inevitable process, since major companies cannot remain ineffective forever, including in Russia, Vardanyan cautions.
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Ruben Vardanyan
The idea of working shifts is awful
Vedomosti (Internet version), 07.03.2013
Why Russian entrepreneurs are good at creating one-off financial projects but not at producing consistent, global businesses. Ruben Vardanyan headed Troika Dialog for twenty years. Last year the brand ceased to exist. In less than a year, Mr. Vardanyan will say goodbye to the investment business. In this interview with Vedomosti, he talks about what partnership with Sberbank has brought to the former Troika, his personal investments and plans to change the approach to philanthropy in Russia.
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Ruben Vardanyan
It’s important to restore trust in the stock market
Rynok Tsennikh Bumag magazine, 14.11.2012
What do you see as the beginning of the stock market? When did you start believing that it was for real?
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Ruben Vardanyan
Laying the bricks for the new world
BRICS Business Magazine (Premier issue), 20.10.2012
Diversity – the word that may end up best capturing the essence of the 21st century, an era that will be defined by multipolarity and multiculturalism, believes Ruben Vardanyan, chairman of the editorial board of BRICS Business Magazine, Co-head of Sberbank CIB*. He outlined his view of the economic and geopolitical changes that the world may be facing over the next thirty years. It’s a view in which Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will figure prominently.
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Ruben Vardanyan
It’s a tough situation right now; everything and everywhere must change at once, 23.12.2014

The former CEO of Troika Dialog, founder of Skolkovo Business School and partner of investment company Vardanyan, Broitman and Partners speaks about new projects, the logic of current events and prospects.

Ruben Vardanyan scheduled the interview for eight in the morning. He says that he usually works from eight in the morning until eleven at night. Apparently, following the sale of Troika Dialog (in October 2011) and departure from the business of Sberbank CIB (in August 2013), Vardanyan’s work has scarcely slowed down.

An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ruben Vardanyan dislikes speaking about politics and the economy, which is today inseparably tied to politics. This is not only because he is generally very cautious in his statements: he is truly much more interested by what he directly engages in and is able to impact himself.